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3 Ways to Meet Web Development Project Deadlines More Quickly

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When custom development needs increase within your organization for a specified project, you need a way to ensure that your team can bring it to completion within the proposed time and budget. Since custom projects increase the need for development hours during a specific time period, your team may not be able to handle everything in-house with your current dev team. When this situation arises, what is the best plan of action?

1. Identify Your Needs

You know your organization, so it’s important to take a step back and identify the project scope and where your team carries strengths, along with areas where you need to fill in the gaps. Instead of adding to the timeline of the project by utilizing only your internal team, a great way to meet deadlines with less capacity is to increase your skill set and resources through staff augmentation.

The point of supplementing your team is to keep projects on track and to meet deadlines. So, it’s important to work with a partner who:

  • Helps identify gaps and the level of effort required, then selects the best fit candidates from their team.
  • Provides web development experts who improve code quality, streamline development, and implement best practices.

A great team augmentation partner will not only accomplish work but will also bring in strategy and consultation throughout the process to increase efficiency and improve the project’s overall effectiveness within your company.

2. Amplify Your Team
There are generally two ways in which you can augment your team for development purposes:

  • Project-by-project, in which organizations need to scale temporarily;
  • And longer-term growth, in which companies need to quickly fill what will become permanent full-time/FTE developer positions with contract FTEs.

No matter the length of time and terms of your project, it’s important that your augment partners are proven experts. If you’re not sure where to begin in selecting a web dev partner, learn about the importance of building trust in selecting a dev firm. When you bring on developers, they should be experienced in jumping in on new or existing projects in order to ensure a smooth transition with the internal team.

Proper planning and communication in advance to align roles and resources will help you bring the project to a timely completion. Alleviate any constraints with a dev partner who can provide all the skills you will need, including:

  • Python and Django developers, depending on project needs
  • Front-end, back-end, and developers
  • QA analysts
  • Project Managers

An ideal staff augmentation partner organization will identify gaps in your process and fill in where necessary to efficiently and purposefully meet deadlines through trust and collaboration.
3. Empower Your Partnerships

We believe that one of the most important elements in a development partnership is trust. Throughout our time in web dev, we’ve noticed that client organizations need extra help during large custom projects due to the following:

  • Often, the number of tasks quickly outgrow the team’s capacity.
  • So, in addition to project work, our clients also look to us to augment their staff with our highly skilled team members.
  • In this way, they avoid risking successful outcomes for large and complex projects.

At Caktus Group, we’ve been working with custom web development teams specializing in Python and Django since 2007, and as the popularity of Python continues to grow, we’ve focused on helping clients by building scalable solutions with the most valuable features first, and then growing them with you, ensuring consistently successful outcomes. With our clients, we’ve impacted close to 100 million people worldwide.

Our goal is to ensure that client partners can turn to Caktus for our developer skills, experience, and expertise.

If you’re interested in learning more about Team Augmentation for your organization, contact us today!

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