No Time to Hire: Temp Team Scaling for Development Projects

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You’ve got a great in-house team, but sometimes web development projects turn out to be larger than you can handle within tight organizational deadlines. Don’t fret — you have options: you can hire specialized temp help, work with freelance contractors, or partner with a development firm that offers staff augmentation.

Temporary hiring can be difficult when you’re on a time crunch, and contract developers are not all like-minded when it comes to your project in particular – especially if you need more than one expert to expand your team for a short amount of time. When time is not on your side, team augmentation may be the perfect solution. Here’s why:

Productivity without Setbacks

When a deadline is approaching or you need to scale up quickly, the last thing you want to do is vet resumes and use precious time to make calls only to find out that one more candidate doesn’t have the skill set you need.

Because staff augmentation with a trusted partner covers a wide array of expertise, you boost productivity by saving time for yourself and your team, while eliminating additional costs of adding temporary employees.

Collaboration and Communication

When you need to scale your team, any new developers should become an extension of your current team. New members should add a level of value through intellectual collaboration while seamlessly integrating into current practices.

On top of consistency in teamwork, you have the option to work with experts that either in person or remotely so you aren’t bound by geographical limitations.

Autonomy with Perks

Let’s face it: we all get nervous when relinquishing some of our project work to outsiders. But when you augment your team through a partnership with a strong web development firm, you still have control over the project. You also get the added benefit of bringing in experts who can boost project success and ensure delivery in a timely manner.

Your project will also be thoroughly reviewed during the development process, and your team will have the opportunity to learn best practices and enhance their skills by working with other developers. Your massive project will become more feasible when broken down into manageable parts among your team and with additional experts.

Customization and Security

When you bring in outside developers to supplement your team, you’re not just getting extra hands. You’re investing in bright minds that understand the latest industry trends and can bring in a new perspective that may shortcut your current processes and save you time and money in the long run.

With team augmentation from Caktus Group, you’ll receive customized recommendations from experts who possess a deep understanding of your tech stack, and they’ll propose solutions throughout your project. They may also help you optimize in ways that you may have overlooked in the planning stages. Plus, you’ll have added peace of mind in knowing that they are dedicated to your work and understand the measures necessary to ensure security. They can implement processes and ongoing updates for your software and APIs to protect your hard work as time continues.

We build and maintain custom applications to support important business functions, so if you’re interested in augmenting your team with developers, QA analysts, UX designers, project managers, and more, let’s get in touch!

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